Maxwell's Interiors and Gifts
The Art of Inspiration

Maxwell's Interiors and Gifts is a boutique that sells home décor and gift items as well as gently used furniture and home décor.  We strive to find many reasonably priced items that are unique to our store.  We also carry Girlie Girl shirts and beanies.  We are the only store in St. Louis to carry Girlie Girl Originals! 

Hours:                                                                                                                            Location:
Tuesday-Saturday:  10:00 a.m-5:00 p.m                                                                             201 N. Kirkwood Rd.                             
Sunday:  12:00 p.m-4:00 p.m                                                                                            Kirkwood, MO 63122
Monday:  Closed 

Return Policy:
  Everything you purchase should be looked at, inspected, and loved before purchased.  All items are final sale.

Consignment:  Consignment is the process by which we the seller (Maxwell's) sells your furniture at our location.  You still maintain ownership of the item.  Consignment simply means we are selling it for you.  Consignment furniture does not mean it is worn or torn or even used for many years.  Many items on consignment are new, gently used, or even come from homes where residents are downsizing. Maxwell's only accepts the best quality items with styles from decades that appeal to all customers.  We simply do not accept other people's unwanted items.   Most gently used items are purchased from individuals directly but pieces of greater value may be consigned.  This is a 60/40 consignment agreement per each item and individual.  Due to limited space, if pieces are not sold in 3 months, they may be marked down, taken back, or donated per Maxwell's agreement. To ask us about purchasing an item from you or consigning an item, please send us a picture of the items you want to sell and we will email you back.  No torn, weathered, worn, chipped, stained, or tattered pieces will be accepted.  Delivery to Maxwell's is by the person wishing to sell the items.      

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